A busy few months for 5th Class!

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Here are some updates from 5th class…

5th class has been up to A LOT over the past few months.

One of the things we’ve been working on are projects on Sweden for Multicultural Week! Each class got a different country and our class got Sweden. Everyone in the class got split up into pairs or trios. There were about 14 or 15 different projects. Some topics we researched were: 

  • The Vikings
  • ABBA
  • Sweden at Eurovision
  • Swedish traditions

While we were learning about Sweden we did some Viking longboat art. Here are the steps that we followed to make the art:

1. First we painted 4 sheets with sponges, one red (for the sky), two blue (for the sea) and one brown (for the boat). 

2. Next we ripped ( not cut) up the blue sheets into three parts and we stuck two of them down. 

3. Then we turned our brown sheets over and drew a boat on the back of them.

4. After that we cut out the boat and stuck it down on top of the waves.

5. Next we stuck the last blue sheet down, covering the bottom of the boat.

6. Finally, we made a sale for our boats, and a mast out of the rest of the brown paper.

If you want to make some Viking art of your own, then you can just follow the simple steps above.

For Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish week), we did a bunch of cool stuff such as:

  • A Seó Faisiún (Fashion show) 
  • A Concert
  • A Scavenger hunt
  • Trath na gceist 

For the Seo Faisiún, we brought in loads of cardboard, egg cartons, bubble rap and old clothes that we didn’t want or need any more and we made CLOTHES out of them!!!

We had about two weeks to make our costumes for our two models (Elena and Parker). When all of the classes had made their costumes, everybody went into the hall to watch the models from each class walk down the runway. We watched each of the classes show off their costumes and then the judges (Eibh, Vanessa and Caomhán) rated their costumes. Third class won and got a pizza party!

We also went to the Ark theatre to see a play called The Making Of Molly! It was about a young girl in the olden times (back when women weren’t allowed to vote). She was protesting for the right to vote because at that time, women weren’t allowed. 

As well as that, on the 16th April our school competed in the Cross Country Competition. Hayden, Johnnie, David, Juno, Rocco, Richard, Marley and Dafne represented 5th Class. We ran 3km and the top twenty children got medals!!! Johnnie came 15th and Juno came 18th!!! There were around 50 kids in our age group. We all had a great day! 😀

Written by Eva and Johnnie 

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