A Chinese New Year Parade, Capacity & Active Schools Elections in Shannon’s 1st/2nd Class

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Learn together

We had lots of fun exploring the core value happiness! We have been working on ‘Life in a bag’ and enjoyed sharing all of the people, places and things that bring us happiness! We also have been singing and learning to sign the song “You are my sunshine” which spreads a lot of happiness in our classroom.

We celebrated Chinese New Year in class by creating and decorating our own lanterns. We enjoyed reading the story of Chinese New Year and all about the year of the tiger.  To show off the amazing lanterns, first and second class put on a parade led by a dragon!


First class have been very busy recently exploring the topic capacity. They have been estimating, measuring and recording the capacity of lots of different containers using litres. They have had lots of fun working to solve different problems.

Active Schools Committee

We held a student election to select our representatives for the Active Schools Committee. It was so great to see lots of children put their name forward! Children worked on speeches and posters in class to express their wonderful ideas for a more active school. Well done to all! We went to post our votes in the ballot box and the announcement was then made at assembly. Well done to Helen and Leo who received the most votes in our room and will be on the Active Schools Committee

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