Active Stars

We have been learning more about the activities the children at Broombridge ETNS participate in outside of the school day. To encourage exercise in the local community, the Active School Flag Committee have decided to commend our ‘Active Stars’. Each Active Star gets a chance to tell their classmates about their activity/ sport, get their photograph taken and perform an element of the sport if they wish. This encourages other students to become more active in their lives and also alerts children to the various sports and clubs available in their local area. We hope that our Active Stars segment of the notice board will broaden the children’s interest into sports they may never have even heard of. Any child who features on the Active School Flag notice board is encouraged to write/ draw about their favourite activity so that other children will learn more about it.

So far this year, we have honoured several Active Stars who take part in G.A.A., ballet, jiu-jitsu, Irish dancing, kickboxing, wrestling, basketball, athletics, Taekwondo and soccer! 

Our Active Stars hold a special place in our P.E. Hall and we hope that more students showcase their active achievements in school!