Welcome to the Weather Station in Saoirse’s 1st Class!!

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The boys and girls in First Class have settled straight back into school after the break and have been busy learning about all things Weather! 

As it’s Winter, we have been learning about how different animals adapt to colder weather conditions through migration and hibernation. In the Construction Area we made cosy homes for the animals to hibernate in throughout these cold months. We learned about a famous Irish inventor called Francis Beaufort who designed the Beaufort Scale. We decided to make some weather instruments to help us measure the direction of the wind. We brought our ‘wind socks’ outside and discussed how they might help us in deciding what level of the Beaufort scale it would be that day. 

We did some science experiments that showed us how rain is formed through the Water Cycle. We used water, a jar, shaving foam and food colouring. We were really fascinated by the results. Maybe you could try it out at home too!
In the role play area, we have been busy working as Meteorologists and Weather Readers. We then pass this information onto the News Reader who shares the weather forecast with their audience.

Next week, we will record ourselves telling the weather forecast for Broombridge. Keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic news readers, coming to a news channel near you!!

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