Autumn Fun in Chantal’s Class!!

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In October, Chantal’s Junior Infants have been learning all about Autumn. We have been finding signs of autumn in nature and in story books. We especially liked reading ‘Time to Sleep’ by Denise Fleming. It tells the story of different animals getting ready for hibernation.

We really enjoyed our ‘Autumn Woodland’ small world. We played with different forest animals and helped set up their homes for hibernation. We made homes using real conkers, leaves, sticks, chestnut shells and lots more.

As we have been learning all about harvest too, we decided to create a ‘Pumpkin Patch Café’. The children had great fun taking on the different roles of customer, waiter and chef. One of our classmates even shared a photo of some tomatoes she has been growing and looking after at home! She did a great job telling us all about the process of planting them when they were seeds and transferring them to bigger pots as they grew.

We had great excitement when doing our Autumn and Halloween painting. We used pumpkin, spider, bat, owl and ghost sponges and stamps to create our beautiful pictures. We also used our paint brushes to add some detail. We can’t wait to bring them home and show our families!

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