Autumn Hunts and Light Investigations in Deirdre’s First Class

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Deirdre’s first class are having a great start to the new year! Last week we enjoyed many fun activities for maths week. There was great excitement when we got to learn about coding, we even wrote some code to help the Beebots travel through various mazes. This was a big hit and we will definitely see more of the Beebots this year! We visited the problem solving wall and built some houses for a Minion using unifix cubes. We also got to play some fun Bingo with Alan! 

In geography we examined how our local plant life changes during the different seasons. We went on an Autumn walk to The Bogies Park to see if we could find any of these signs of Autumn. The children had great fun and got to play in the playground before heading back to school. We collected some leaves and made some leaf rubbings to compare the leaves with each other and we discovered that we found lots of leaves from sycamore and beech trees. 

We began learning all about light in science this month. We discovered that we need light to see and had fun experimenting with this using a ‘dark box’. The children also investigated how much light different materials let through and sorted them into transparent (see through), translucent (kind of see through) and opaque (not see through). 

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