Children’s Mental Health Week at Broombridge ETNS!!

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We have had a brilliant week here in Broombridge celebrating Children’s Mental Health week. 

We kicked off the week with ‘Mindful Monday’. Classes were invited to take part in some mindfulness colouring, yoga, meditation or simply chill out to their favourite music.

Next up was ‘Thankful Tuesday’ where we focused on gratitude. Followed by ‘Wellbeing Wednesday where we explored exercise as a way of looking after our mental health. Then we had ‘Terrific Thursday’ where each child designed their own puzzle piece. All puzzle pieces will be put together at the main entrance to create a whole school collaborative art piece.

Today we finished off our week with ‘Feel Good Friday’ where we all came together through a virtual assembly to talk about our highlights of the week and celebrate some amazing sporting achievements around our school. Children were also invited to wear an item of clothing inside out as part of a fundraiser to buy yard equipment/ toys and buddy benches for our yard. Our Student Council has identified the yard as the area they would like to focus on and develop this year and they have already come up with some super suggestions. We wore our clothes inside out to symbolise that what is going on inside might not always be visible to others but that here in Broombridge we understand this. 

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