December: Respect

This month, the Core Value we have been learning about is Respect. We have been talking about what respect looks like, how we show it and why it is so important. Treating others with respect is paramount here in Broombridge. 

Respect is…

  • Using polite words and manners
  • Listening to others
  • Accepting difference
  • Showing kindness & consideration

The 10th of December 2021 was Human Rights Day. As part of our Equality and Justice strand, we have been learning all about Human Rights. We have been listening to songs and reading stories that explain what Human Rights are and why they are so important.

As part of our Ethics & The Environment strand, we have been looking at seasonal changes that occur during winter. We have been out exploring the signs of winter on our school grounds. A lot of our classes have been busy creating beautiful seasonal and winter art. Saoirse’s Class also started the Picker Pals programme. This programme aims to ‘provide the motivation and tools for children, teachers and families to create a better environment for our shared future’. You can read more about this brilliant initiative here Home – Picker Pals (

Saoirse’s Class also took time to write letters to a local nursing home. The class talked about ways of giving back to the community and this is what they decided to do. It was such a kind gesture and we are very proud of them for thinking of others this month.