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Hi all,

Its been a fabulous week here in the school with the children getting to enjoy the sunshine and many outdoor learning lessons….long may the sunshine last! 

A few quick reminders for you:

 School will be closed on Monday & Tuesday (7th & 8th) of June. 

– With the fine weather hopefullly hanging around can we please remind you to ensure that all pupils are wearing suncream to school each day. Pupils are spending up to 45 minutes outside in their school day for play time alone, not to mention additional opportunities that class teachers create to enjoy the outdoors, this is a considerable amount of time for young skin to be unprotected so please help us to keep the children safe and well.

– School Tours as we normally know them will not be taking place this year in line with government guidance to avoid buses and transport where possible. With that in mind class teachers have organised for some special events over the coming two weeks. 

Alan, Saoirse and Neil’s classes will visit the Bogies park & playground next Thursday (10th June) during school time for a Teddy Bears Picnic and games. Students are permitted to bring one bear with them, that must fit inside their school bag on their backs (please don’t send wheely bags as they are a trip hazard when walking with a large group). Pupils will visit the park and return within regular school time. A small palm sized treat is permitted, and please ensure they have ample water to keep them going in the warm weather. 

Chantal & Shannon’s Junior Infants will visit the Bogies on Friday 11th June for a similar Teddy Bears picnic and games. Pupils will be supervised by school staff throughout the trip.

Paddy & Patrick (& Sarah S) have organised for a VERY exciting fun day for the senior classes on Friday 18th of June here in the school. Pupils should come to school as normal and will be divided into smaller groups for workshops and special events. 

Kate’s class pupils will integrate with their mainstream classes for organised events, we will contact parents directly to organise for any additional circumstances etc. 

Sincere thanks to ALL of the staff for coordinating and organising these events to ensure the pupils have a memorable finish to an extraordinary year.

– Teacher & Sna allocation for the coming year will not be announced until recruitment is finalised over the summer months, once arrangements are in place you will receive an email to inform you of your child’s class teacher/SNA. As you will be aware, as a developing school our teacher allocations continue to remain based on our pupil enrolment. Whilst we continue to grow in a HUGELY positive way, we remain tight to the wire year on year, please be sure to share with friends/neighbours/family, that places are available at all class levels in mainstream classes. Our Outreach classes are both full at present and waiting lists remain in place. 

– School will close for the summer holidays on Friday 25th of June. Junior & Senior Infant pupils will finish at 11.30am, whilst 1st-3rd classes finish at 11.45am. 

-a message from our PTA

To help us reach our target for the Five Continents event, the PTA would love to hear from parents/guardians who are willing to act as representatives for their child’s class group.  The class rep would assist with areas like keeping in touch with the other parents/guardians to help arrange informal meet-ups to allow the kids to clock-up some kilometres with their classmates, and creating some buzz on social media posting and tagging photos (and encouraging other parents to do the same).

If you can spare a little bit of your time to assist, please get in touch with 

I really hope parents/guardians can come on board with this wonderful event, it will be a fantastic way of keeping the school community together over the summer, after a year with so much time spent apart. Even if you can only give a little bit of time, please email them and join the list, many hands make light work on projects like this and it is your child who is benefitting directly from the efforts.


A HUGE thanks to all of the Mums who have been bust working away clearing our old school garden area in preparation for a new safe play space. What they have achieved in the past two weeks is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you sincerely to each and every one who gave up their mornings to come together and help us to clear the area, move and dismantle wooden boxes, remove rubbish and indeed transfer some of the plants and soil to our front garden area. We look forward to converting this area to a safe space for all over the summer months. 

Thats everything for this week folks, 

Have a fabulous long weekend, hopefully it will be filled with positive family time for all,

Kind regards,


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