Friday Updates 18.06

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Good afternoon all,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Sorry for the delay in last weeks update…the days and hours seem to be disappearing before me these days. 

By now everyone should have received their school report for this academic year. They went home in bags from school on Friday and were posted to houses of pupils who were absent. These reports offer a real “snapshot” in time of a truly remarkable year and hopefully they are celebrated in the tone in which they have been written. As a staff we are genuinely so very proud of each and every pupil in this school and hope that you as parents/guardians share in this pride and celebration of their MANY talents with us. sTen results and tick numbers are NOT the be all and end all of school life, and if we have learnt anything from the past 16 months it is that. To have 180 pupils smiling, proud of themselves,  and happily heading off safely on their holidays this Friday is what it is all about for me as Principal of the school, enjoy celebrating each and every success with them. 

Last Friday we had a FABULOUS day of fun and excitement here on site for Paddy and Patrick’s 2nd and 3rd classes. From drumming to science experiments, and cooking demos to movie time, the fun never stopped. A HUGE thanks to Paddy, Patrick and Sarah S for coordinating the events, and indeed John, Eira, Sarah B and Sophie for supporting them on the day. 

Reminder to 3rd class pupils that your cycling workshop with An Garda Siochána is happening on Wednesday morning, please ensure all 3rd class pupils wishing to participate have their bike in school, along with helmet. 3rd class bikes should be locked at the An Post end of the building on that morning. 

As we edge ever closer to 11.30/11,45 on Friday can I just remind parents/guardians to please keep an eye and empty school bags each evening this week as class teachers begin to decant art work and school workbooks home after their year. Bags will naturally fill/become heavier as the week goes on if these items are not removed each day so please help us to keep the loads light where possible.

You will hopefully notice our wonderful boards hanging on the railings of the school this afternoon advertising our super fundraiser, the 5 Continents Challenge. Please remember that participation in this challenge/fundraiser can happen from literally anywhere in the world so long as you can track your distances/activities. The PTA will be in contact again during the week with further info and details about informal meet ups etc but this is really shaping up to be a super month of fitness and fun for all, whilst simultaneously raising funds to provide the most up to date technology and learning opportunities for our pupils.  The first step is to ensure you have registered for Challenge Hound, the platform that we are using to bring all of our efforts together in one place. Just click on the link and follow the steps to ensure you are joined up to the group. 

Next, please copy the link to your social media platforms and share it with photos of your walks/runs/cycles/activities to let people know you are working towards our goal. The more people we have to share the link the quicker we will achieve our target. 

We are also looking to approach some corporate sponsors to help us with our €25,000 goal, if you or indeed the company you work for, are in a position to make a donation towards our goal please contact us directly and we can issue a specific corporate letter with details of our Registered Charity Number etc and also the packages available for donations. 

Ill be in touch again later in the week, for now, have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine!

Kind regards,


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