Friday Updates 23.04.21

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Hi all,

I hope you had a lovely sunny weekend, the difference some blue sky makes is amazing!

Some quick updates and reminders for the coming weeks…..

* Upcoming school closures

Just a reminder, as advised in our school calendar this year, we will be closed next Monday 3rd of May and Tuesday 4th of May. We will also be closed on Monday 7th of June and Tuesday 8th of June. 

* Sports day…. we are aiming to celebrate our annual Sports Day on Thursday 27th or Friday 28th May (Weather permitting….) Unfortunately, owing to guidelines etc we do not envisage a scenario whereby we will be able to invite parents/guardians along as normal. We will however ensure that home/school links are maintained as far as possible through photos/videos etc on the day. For now please mark it in your calendars at home. We will be in touch with more info closer to the time. 

Standardized assessments….. the Department of Education has issued directives to schools to ensure usual annual standardized assessments are administered  to appropriate classes (in our case, 1st-3rd Class). Senior Infant pupils will also have some small assessments during the assessment period. These assessments will take place on Tuesday and Wednesdays during the weeks of 12th and 19th of May. Please note, children who are absent on the day will not have an opportunity to re-sit these assessments so it is very beneficial to ensure they are in school. Please note from the outset that these assessments are a snapshot in time, and we as a staff use them to guide our teaching and learning plans, ……they are NOT the be all and end all and we are very very clear with pupils and parents that they should never be regarded differently. Please do not focus on the results or any particular preparations etc aside from ensuring where possible that children have a good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast to help them concentrate.

*School Calendar 2021/22

We are busy finalizing the school calendar for the coming year, we will circulate it to all families as soon as it has been decided and approved by the Board of Management. We are aware that people are trying to book staycations etc and will be intouch as soon as possible with reopening dates etc. 

* School Zone update

We have had some brilliant news from Dublin City Council regarding our school zone. DCC have now redesigned the zone to include widening the footpath at the front of the school to allow for safer pedestrian access to the school campus. This is a welcome addition to the plans and we look forward to work starting in the coming weeks. 

Have a lovely week everybody, hopefully the sun will stay with us and we can get outside to enjoy the fresh air as often as possible. 

Stay well, 

Kind regards,


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