While at home take time to give your garden or balcony a bit of TLC. Gardening is a great way of relaxing and learning to take care of plants/flowers and growing our own herbs/vegetables is an invaluable skill for life!!

Curricular Links:

Science -> Living Things-> Plants and animals

Geography-> Natural environments -> The local natural environment

English -> Writing -> Purpose, Genre & Voice -> Procedural Writing

Some nice gardening ideas:

General planting- bulbs, 

Decorate/make a bug motel

Using the ends of scallions plant so that they’ll grow again. Also works for celery. 

Identify planta/ tree’s/ bugs 

Make a bird feeder, bird table, fat cake

Home made wormery: takes two weeks but will give children something to look forward to

Rock Painting: Paint and hide rocks or display on window sill as on Portmarnock  Rocks and Malahide rocks facebook page