Homework: Term 3

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Good morning all,

We are going to reintroduce a small amount of homework for term 3 across the school over the coming week. This homework will focus on oral language development and revision of in school topics such as phonics and Mental Maths. The primary focus is revision and ensuring you, as parents/guardians, are up to speed with topics etc being worked on in school. 

Please note the following points:

* We are encouraging all families to engage with assigned homework (through SeeSaw), however we are VERY mindful that we are still living in Covid times and would like the priority and focus to remain on pupil and family well-being.

Therefore, in infant classes there will be no written exercises to complete each week, instead teachers will upload some phonics links and at times some mental maths games etc. Junior Infants will also have small readers to bring home and practice on Monday and Tuesday evenings, these should be returned to school on Wednesday. Senior Infants will continue to have access and are encouraged to visit their Raz Kids accounts regularly for reading practice. 

1st-3rd classes MAY (but not always) have a small element of written homework focusing on mental maths/handwriting practice. We encourage regular revision of phonics once again, and indeed use of the Raz Kids programme. 

* Homework is intended as a link between home and school, is it not intended as a stress or additional pressure on families. Whilst we encourage daily interaction, as I said, we are still very conscious of the world we are living in and do not wish to add any additional stress to families in our school community.

Many thanks as always for your continued support, 

Kind regards,


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