Maths Week 2023

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From the 16th to the 20th of October our school celebrated Maths week. Every class got up to lots of fun. Here is a snapshot of the week:

Junior and Senior Infants took part in Scavenger Hunts using their Maths eyes around the school.They read stories like Room on the Broom and the Scarecrows Wedding and counted how many characters were in the story. They used chalk to create outdoor Maths games like hopscotch.

1st and 2nd class had great fun programming Beebots with the help of their friends in 6th class.They tried out lots of new fun maths games from our maths trolley and enjoyed some bingo.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes got creative with some Art lessons inspired by Maths. They competed against each other in a table champion competition. Each day of Maths week they had a new STEM challenge like building lifeboats, nets,houses and rockets. 4th and 5th class took a trip to DCU to see a magic maths show.

Each class took part in daily maths problems, using our estimation skills to predict how many balloons were in Saoirse’s car and how many jellies were in the jar.Everyone took a trip to the maths problem solving board.

Overall, it was an amazing week. Everyone had great fun!

Written by Leah & Emily (4th Class)

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