October: Responsibility

This month we have been learning all about our Core Value of Responsibility. During a virtual assembly at the start of the month, we talked about what responsibility means and why it is important. Some children even shared examples of how to be responsible in school and at home. 

Responsibility is…

  • Being trusted
  • Looking after yourself and your belongings 
  • Making thoughtful decisions 
  • Taking praise or blame for our actions 

All month, we practised the song ‘Unwritten’ and got to sing it altogether at our Halloween Assembly on the last day of school. One of our very talented students even took to the mic to lead the singing. She did an amazing job! We had also been busy learning a dance to the Adam’s Family song. Some of our pupils from 2nd and 3rd Class put some extra time into learning the steps so that they could lead the dance for the whole school. They showed great responsibility and really impressed us with their moves!

We have also had great fun learning about Halloween. Across our classes we have been learning about the traditions associated with Halloween around the world and the history behind Halloween. 1st and 2nd Class have also spent some time learning about Hinduism and the celebration of Navratri. We look forward to hearing about this at our next assembly. 

We have had a super exciting month with our Student Council elections. As part of the Equality and Justice strand, we have been learning all about the democratic system; how it works in Ireland and what the process will be like in our school. Many students have been busy making posters and writing speeches to explain their classmates why they deserve to be voted onto the Student Council. We look forward to introducing you all to our new Student Council very soon!As part of learning about Ethics and The Environment, some classes took to our local park for a Nature Walk to explore and find some signs of autumn. They had brilliant fun finding autumn leaves, conkers, acorns and lots more!