What our PSA has helped to achieve

What our PSA has helped achieve

Our PSA has organised fun events for the whole school community, many of which have also raised funds that have been put towards enhancing the school experience for pupils in a number of key ways.

Family Fun Day

The first Broombridge ETNS Family Fun Day was held in June 2018, with another the following year.  Both were hugely successful with games and activities to keep all ages entertained, and raising funds which were put towards a sensory hub and building out a suite of early reading resources for pupils.

Winter Concert Refreshments & Raffle

In December 2018 and 2019 the PSA organised refreshments and raffle for the Winter Concert.  The plentiful array of delicious cakes, biscuits, buns and sandwiches was provided by the PSA community, as well as a great selection of raffle prizes.  The funds raised were put towards purchasing an AED defibrillator for the school which is located in the main office at the reception area.

Five Continents Challenge/ Trek for Tech

In the Summer of 2021, intrepid pupils, parents/carers and staff embarked on an epic virtual journey to cover the distance between five continents, and raise money to invest in ICT equipment for the benefit all pupils.  Their efforts have secured 15 Lenovo Idea pads & trolley which will help engagement with and enhance in-class learning.

Clearing ground

A small band of parents/carers helped to clear the former garden to make way for the sensory playground which now contains a swing, a trampoline and a spinning bucket. This area was designed as a space for pupils with additional needs to have a change of environment whether they need a moment of calm or to burn off some excess energy. 

The PSA has held a number of “tidy-up” mornings where we came together on a weekend morning to clean up the school grounds.

In-school participation

In pre-Covid times, the PSA helped hatch new initiatives for parent/carer involvement in some in-school activities, including:

  • Family Friday once a term, when parents/carers could come into the classroom with their child for 10 minutes before school begins
  • An occasional reading day where a few parents would volunteer to come in a read a story to small groups of children from their child’s class
  • Parent/carer attends their child’s class to share a skill, plan a short activity/demonstration, talk about their job, hobbies or interests
  • Helping staff out with various tasks, such as wrapping books, helping to organise the school library,

PSA community building

Pre-Covid, the PSA hosted coffee mornings in the school hall for parents/carers to have a chance to chat and get to know each other outside of the school drop-off and pick-up.  The PSA Committee held social evenings that have allowed us to get to know each other outside the school environment.