Pompeii, Ancient Rome & Tag Rugby in Neil’s 4th Class!!

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In fourth class we’ve been having lots of fun learning all about Italy in Geography and Ancient Rome in History. We made cool mosaics just like the ones found in Pompeii. Did you know Pompeii was a town underneath a volcano that was buried in lava when the volcano erupted?! You can still see the people there frozen in time.

We researched lots of really interesting things about Italy for our projects, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Lamborghinis not to mention the delicious food! Hungry work!

In Maths we looked at the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who discovered a super cool number pattern that is found throughout nature in things like sunflowers, sea shells, pinecones and spiders webs!

In P.E. we’ve been learning how to play tag rugby. You need quick hands and even quicker feet! It’s been so much fun.

Fourth class are brilliant with their Gaeilge.  We’re getting better by the day and may have a surprise for you for our winter performance!

Watch this space…