Senior Infant’s Toy Shop

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This month in senior infants we are learning about ‘The Toy Shop’ in play. We set up a toy shop in our role play area and we are having so much fun with it! In maths, we are busy learning about the number 7. We are exploring different ways to make seven and where we can find the number. In literacy, we are busy building words we know and playing games to practise our tricky words. Monday 13th of November was ‘World Kindness Day!’ and we spoke about all the different ways we can show kindness everyday in school and at home. We also created a wonderful collaborative poster. On Wednesday, we were so lucky to receive a visit from Cabra Library. Two librarians visited our class to read us some stories. We really enjoyed them! It was also Science Week this week and we spoke about the role of a scientist. We also learned about magnets and what it means if something is magnetic. We explored our classroom to discover what objects are magnetic and objects that are not magnetic. 

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