Spooktacular October in Shannon W’s 1st Class

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October has been a very busy and exciting month for 1st Class- especially with
the count down to our Halloween break! We have been enjoying learning about
our thematic topic of school and have been exploring this through engaging in
Science, Geography and History lessons. In science, the children learned about
light as an energy force and did light investigations to determine which materials
were translucent, transparent and opaque. We made some very cool stained
glass windows using translucent tissue paper.
In History, we learned about life of school children in the past and were shocked
to hear how different school rules and life was back then. Thankfully, our left
handed buddies in our class don’t have to tie their left hand behind their back and
be made to write with their right hand!
We are a group of artists and have enjoyed demonstrating our creativity through
different mediums such as paint and fabric and fibre. Check out some of our
photos of some Autumnal creations we have made.
For the last day before the Halloween break, our class is going to be taking the
lead at Junior Assembly where we will be showcasing some of our work we are
so proud of including our Gaeilge poem- Púca!

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