Spring and Super Science Experiments in Shannon’s Senior Infants!!

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Hi everyone!

March has been a very busy and exciting month so far for us! This month in Shannon’s Senior Infants, we have been enjoying the theme of Spring and the Farm. During our Aistear play time, the children have been creating farm animal handprint paintings, as well as using wooden blocks in the construction area to create barn houses for the animals. We have especially loved getting our hands dirty in the soil pit area where the children searched for farm animal figurines hidden in the soil. 

In science, we have been exploring the conditions needed for a seed to grow. We have been eager scientists this week doing an experiment to investigate how well a seed will grow in different conditions- one without water, one hidden away in a cupboard without any sun, one without soil and one without oxygen- sealed away in a ziplock bag. The results of this experiment are pending! 

We are super excited about the new arrival of our eggs that are currently in the incubator. Each day we look forward to going up to the Nurture Room to check on their progress. In class, we are looking at the life cycle of a chick and how the chick develops into a hen/ rooster. 

We really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and had some special appearances from Dog Man, Pikachu, Wenda and many more! 

We are really enjoying ourselves in school at the moment as we are making amazing strides in our reading and writing abilities. We are putting extra effort in to learn our question words and our ability to write questions. We really are becoming amazing writers!

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