Student Council 2023/24


The student council in BBETNS 😀

Hello, we are the student council. We will be telling you about the student council in BBETNS.

What is the student council? 

The student council is a group of students who help to  make the school a better place. We get ideas from our classes and when we go to the meetings we bring the ideas we gathered! The aim of the student council is to unite the students in working together with the Principal, staff and the Board of Management!

How were we elected as student council? 

People get elected to the student council by making  posters, doing speeches and, [what I did] partner up with other candidates.

Student councils projects!

The student council takes on different projects every year. 

The Giving Tree which was a tree in the entrance of our school, whereby people could leave gifts under. We hung up tinsel with tags on them. There were ages on the tags .People would take a tag with the age and buy a gift for that selected age. All the presents got sent to a charity called St. Vincent De Paul and were given to families around our community. 

Last year, we organised a football tournament! The Football tournament was a tournament which 4th and 5th class took part in. We let all the classes write down the country they’re from and we picked out random countries which would be selected. We could only do 4th and 5th class because if we did all the classes it would have been chaos. We also picked the peoples names out at random. The finale was in DIT Broombridge .The whole school came together to watch the match. It was Australia vs Finland and Australia won! 

This year, we set up an initiative called the student council postbox! The aim of the student council postbox was to hear  the fabulous ideas that might not be heard without the student council postbox

Now think to yourself when you go out to the yard and wonder… Who thought of the buddy bench? That was our doing! What about the student council postbox? That was also our doing! You name it! We have thought about it,decided on it,and  made it a real thing! Thank all of you 

for reading this article! 

If you have an idea or suggestion for making our school an even better place, go to your student council representative or post your sticky note in your post box. 

Authors: Arlo & Richard 

Yours Sincerely…