Term 3 in Shannon’s First Class!

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Term 3 in Shannon’s First Class has been very busy so far- here are some of our April and May highlights!

We have been learning about space and our solar system. During our play, children have taken on the roles of astronauts, scientists, space travel agents and space voyagers in our Space Travel Agents role play corner. Using Lego, they constructed space shuttles and the International Space Station. The children created some rockets and used a paint splatter effect to give the illusion of a ‘Sky full of Stars’. 

The children have recently been certified in Land Paws- a water safety course for children. They followed the story of River and Paws- two animals that gave advice for staying safe around bathtime, paddling pools, farms, beach, rivers and canals. After completing a quiz for a knowledge check, the children proudly received their certificates. 

In Maths, the children were introduced to the concept of a kilogram as a standard unit of measure when exploring the topic of weight. We identified classroom objects that would be lighter/ same as/ heavier than a kg. We did some estimation investigations to see how good our estimating skills are: how many cubes would it take to balance the scales with a toy car/ a shoe/ a pencil, etc. 

We were fortunate enough to get a visit from PEPY who work closely with our friends from SeeBeyondBorders who are helping us to make links with the Irish education system and teaching in Cambodia. The team came in and delivered very interesting facts about the culture of Cambodia and let us join in with some traditional dances. 

We are looking forward to the last few weeks of school. We have Active Week starting next week with a variety of activities everyday- from gymnastics to Zumba and finishing off with Sports Day. Our school tour is on Tuesday 27th June in Airfield Estate- an exciting trip to keep us motivated in the last few weeks of school! 

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