The Great Wall of China, Still Life Drawings and Buddhism in Neil’s 4th Class

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In History and Geography we’ve been learning all about China. We looked at Emperors, armies made of clay, the Great Wall and Chinese New Year. Learning about China led to an interesting discussion about the differences between Capitalism, Communism and Socialism.

Inspired by this we all wrote a piece entitled ‘If I were President…’ explaining what we’d do if we ran the country. Answers included helping the homeless, tackling climate change and having a massive house and big car. The full political spectrum.

In Maths we’ve been having lots of fun learning all about fractions and have been talking a lot about pizza!

Inspired by our learning about Buddhism, we have been trying to incorporate a daily mindfulness meditation into our morning routine. It helps clear our minds and help us focus for the day’s learning ahead.

In Art we’ve been learning to draw still life. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’ Keefe, Paul Cezanna and Henry Matisse to inspire us and produced some fabulous pieces! Visitors to the room were very surprised to see 21 runners sitting up on the tables!

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