We have two breaks throughout the school day, one for ten minutes and one for half an hour. During this time the children are encouraged to play outside and be as active as possible with their peers. Our yard is divided into four sections and is split into class groupings.

Our yard has markings of games such as hopscotch which encourage the children to play together and to learn rules to different games.

Our Active Flag Committee work hard as Playground Leaders, ensuring that children are keeping active on yard, are learning new games and also by making sure that any equipment is on on yard on its scheduled day.

We aim to promote Physical Activity as much as possible throughout the school day. During yard time, the children have varied activities throughout the week which aim at keeping them active and engaged during their breaks. Each of the classes have time to listen and dance to music, to play with yard toys and to use chalk. Our newest installation of rock climbing walls means that the children are more active than ever during break time!